Preparing Image Assets

There are two kind of contents in LOTC, images and text. We have provided a template to help you set up image assets, please download it from the Lumbung page. Here is a description for each image asset.

  1. header.png The header is the image that appears at the top of the LibreOffice program, precisely in the LibreOffice menu area. This header size standard we take from the standard size of the image assets on the themes persona. We strongly recommend that designs made for this header utilize the upper right corner area. The technical reason is that this area is the safest area and does not interfere with the visibility of the icons on the menu.

  2. footer.png Footer is an image that will appear in the area below the LibreOffice program. Basically, this footer will automatically hide if there is no menu open at the bottom / LibreOffice footer. The safe area for this footer is on the right hand side.

  3. preview.png Preview is an image that will be displayed on the gear menu -> Options -> Personalization. This preview becomes your theme's identity. The safe area for this preview image is in the middle of the area.

  4. intro.png Splash is the image that first appears when you run LibreOffice. Actually there is no standard size for this splash image, but we recommend using a size that is also used by LibreOffice which is 661 x 169 pixels. You can create a splash using the templates that we have provided.

  5. screenshot - *. png Help other users to identify your theme by providing screenshots or other images that are still related to your theme or identity. LOTC displays up to 3 images, we recommend that images have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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